Canine Heart Disease Does Not Have to be a Death Sentence for your Dog!

Here you will learn how to support your dog’s heart naturally.


You will learn about Mother Nature’s strongest heart herbs and therapies that you can use to nourish your dog’s heart health.

We have helped many people support canine health during:

• CHF Canine Congestive Heart Failure

• Valvular Disease

• DCM Dilated Cardiomyopathy

• Canine Heart Murmurs

and now we want to help you!


In our world of Pharmaceutical Drugs, Ultrasounds, E.C.G.s, and X-Rays there is no cure for any type of canine heart disease. Pumping the heart artificially with pharmaceutical medication does not allow the heart muscle to heal. This leads to more medication being prescribed as the heart weakens, causing your dog to ingest more toxins, which can lead to liver disease, kidney disease or both.

The heart is a muscle and muscles do heal! When someone tears a muscle in his or her leg the best medication is rest, that’s because your body has the ability to heal it. The heart muscle is more complicated because it’s constantly moving. You can’t rest the heart because it is the body’s motor. Every living beings body has a blue print for how to heal itself; you just have to help it. Extremely powerful herbs and therapies have been proven to work time and time again.

“My vet calls her the miracle dog.”


FYI, it’s almost one year since Toby was very sick (almost dead), and she is doing amazingly well. My vet calls her the miracle dog. My vet even referred someone else, Judy G., to you through me. The true test was that I brought her in last week for something else, and a different vet saw her. She checked her heart and lungs and mumbled “heart and lungs sound good”, to which I replied “REALLY???” And she looked at me perplexed. I reminded her that Toby was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy last winter, and she glanced at the chart and said “hmmm….and that’s my writing too….WOW.” Thanks for giving me this extra time with my precious friend!!!! She is happy and active and jumping on people and chasing little animals again!

Best regards, Paige LaBella*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

The first step is to STOP doing the things you were doing that made your dog ill and START doing positive things to help him heal. Your dog cannot heal his heart if he keeps ingesting overly processed, commercially prepared kibble. Cook for him and make sure he always has clean filtered water; We have never seen a dog get better while being fed kibble and drinking tap water. In this program you will learn the best way to feed your loved one while he/she is getting better.

The second step is to give your dog a powerful heart tonic that will help pump his heart NATURALLY without poisoning him. Herbs like Hawthorne berry, flower and leaf, Motherwort, Cactus Grandiflorus, Cayenne Pepper, Ginger and Red Clover have been healing and protecting people’s and animal’s hearts for centuries. These herbs not only protect the heart from future damage they can alleviate heart murmurs, regulate heart beats, build the heart’s muscle and valves and restore proper circulation (these are traditional herbal remedy uses and may not be supported by significant scientific agreement).

“If I didn’t see his recovery with my own eyes, I probably would not believe it.”


My story is like many of the others that are on this site. Tedi, my 12 year old Maltese was diagnosed with a heart murmur in Dec. 03. He was put on two different heart medications in Sept. 04, Lasix, and Enacard. The trouble started in June 04, the heart meds were causing trouble with his kidneys, thus kidney disease. We kept him on the lasix, and he did fine for quit awhile. This past June he had a very bad pancreatitis attack, that was taken care of, and two weeks later he starting getting very sick again. It turned out to be kidney failure. We had him on fluids at the vet office for two days, and he seemed better. But, as soon as he was off, he went down again. The Dr. told me his time was short, and he was to have sub fluids at home to keep him going. At this point he had gotten very thin, and it was very hard to get him to eat or drink. So, I got mad, and frustrated, and if your reading this, you know what I mean!!! I got on the internet because I was not going to give up on Tedi, that’s way too easy. I found FIVE LEAF and Amanda as soon as I went online. I started the hydrotherapy that night, and Tedi seemed to perk up a little. The following morning I did another treatment and again, he seemed a little better. I spoke with Amanda, who has such compassion and knowledge about the product, I knew I had to use her program. I started Tedi on the heart and kidney programs in the middle of July. His kidney function started getting a little better everyday. The third week of the program he had a set back, but Amanda told me not to give up, she has seen dogs rebound from far worse. That was all I needed to hear. Since then Tedi got a little better everyday. It is now the beginning of November, and I’m soooo happy to say, that Tedi has gained back some of his weight, has a healthy appetite and has good energy. If I didn’t see his recovery with my own eyes, I probably would not believe it. He is now off of all heart medication, and strictly on Amanda’s herbs. Thank you Amanda,

Ellane Dean*


*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

The next step is to clean and repair the body’s elimination organs, the kidneys and liver. If your dog has reduced kidney or liver function, cleaning out these two elimination channels will allow your dog’s body to work more efficiently, thus allowing the body to focus on strengthening the heart.

In addition to having heart herbs working on the heart and cleansed elimination organs you want to blast your dog with highly nutritious and absorbable heart foods, minerals, and vitamins. You want your dog’s blood to be full of real nutrients because, overall, these are the building blocks of cells and if the cells are fed with proper nutrition they can heal the heart.

“They looked at her EKG and x-rays etc… the vet didn’t believe when I told about her past, because her heart is in a very good shape now.”


Hi Amanda, How nice, you remember about us:) My girl’s name is Dislek (Toothy, in English) and she’s doing great. I was planning to tell you those anyway: I took her to an animal hospital for a detailed examination of her heart last week. They looked at her EKG and x-rays etc. The vet -who was not his actual vet- didn’t believe when I told about her past, because her heart is in a very good shape now. He said that there was literally nothing wrong with her – only, the size of her heart appeared relatively large, but not any larger than it was last year. And it’s still within the limits. She has not even coughed after she took your Herbs and Carnitine & Taurine. Thank you very much for this incredible thing, we are extremely happy. Her picture is attached – you’ll see why her name is Toothy:)


Yaprak Tutun*


*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

Last but not least we have HYDROTHERAPY. Alternating Hot and Cold water on the affected area, used for centuries in Europe to heal every kind of disease and recently in America body builders and athletes have found this therapy beneficial in repairing torn and injured muscles more quickly by bringing more blood and nutrients to the affected area.

Every step is essential as no one therapy is more important than another. On a daily basis your dog will need Heart Tonic, Hawthorne Tincture, Dog Greens, L-Carnitine and Taurine. He will also need to have at least one session of hydrotherapy on his heart area (two would be ideal).

In addition to the above, if there is pre-existing kidney or liver issues, cleansing his liver and kidneys is imperative. If your dog has damage to one or both of these organs, start with the most compromised organ first. You will alternate week to week between cleanses. One week Rena-Cleanse & Immuno-Aid (Kidneys) one week Hepara-Cleanse & Blood Cleansing Tonic (Liver). After one month have your dog’s blood levels rechecked and if they are not completely normal, repeat for another two weeks to one month until blood values test normal.

If your dog does not have any known damage to his liver or kidneys using one week of each cleanse is excellent support for his system but not mandatory. We have two programs to choose from, one that includes the kidney and liver herbs and one that does not.

With your order you will receive a copy of our Canine Heart Health Program Handbook. This book includes important information on:

• Detailed Program Instructions

• Daily Schedule Samples

• Dosage Chart

• Diet and Exercise

“My Vet called and suggested that I check out your web site.”


Almost two years ago my 13 year old Yorkie, Sammy, was rushed to the hospital with pancreatitis. While he was there, he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. I was panicked. My Vet told me to just make him comfortable, that he would not be with us much longer. He put Sammy on Lasix and Enalipril and we brought him home. A few months passed, we were living with Sammy’s heart problem day to day, not knowing what to expect. My Vet called and suggested that I check out your web site. I immediately ordered the package for Sammy’s size, and started Hydro Therapy and followed the recommended diet. In a few short days, the package arrived with what I hoped would be an answer to our sad dilemma. I’m happy to report to you that Sammy is just approaching his 15th year, and is as spunky and rambunctious as ever. He’s bright and alert, doesn’t have any stomach problems, no recurrence of pancreatitis. And I attribute your Canine Heart Health Program with his recovery. He even goes to the tub to remind me when he needs his Hydro. One visit a few months after treatment with Canine Heart Health Program began, my Vet said that his murmur had gone down a degree. He was amazed, and I found that he is recommending your program to other clients. I imagined you probably wondered why my quantities increased. Two months ago, my 14 year old Lab, Louie, starting coughing. I feared the worst, and sure enough, he was diagnosed with CHF as well. I started him on the same treatment (a bit more, though!), and within two weeks his murmur had decreased by one degree. His coughing is just about non-existent now. I think we caught this one earlier than Sammy’s, so I’m hoping that he will be with us many more years. I think Sammy’s prognosis is proof that he will. I thank you so much for your wonderful product and program. I especially like that it’s all natural. My Husband and I are even taking Hawthorne and Cayenne now! You brought me hope! And returned my Sammy.

Thank you.

Christine Knott*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

Canine Heart Health Program Packages

On the next page you will find packages which include all you will need for your dog to get started on the program. Depending on the weight of your dog the package may last anywhere between 1 to 4 months.

Choose the appropriate package based on your dog’s weight.

Please keep in mind these packages are starter packages. They include enough of each of our formulae to last for at least the first 30 days on the program, longer for dogs weighing less. For example a 10 pound dog would have a 2+ month supply with our 20 pound package where a 30 pound dog would have almost a 1 & 1/2 months supply with the 40 pound package. Please note our Dog Greens and Carnitine + Taurine come in one size which is a one month supply for a 40 pound dog.

For dogs with pre-existing Kidney or Liver issues we have created packages that include the cleansing tonics (Rena-Cleanse + Immuno-Aid & Hepara-Cleanse + Blood Cleansing Tonic).

If your dog’s kidneys and liver are healthy and you wish to do these cleanses as preventative maintenance, you may select the package that includes the cleanses.

Individual formulae are available for reorders on our Products page.

Once your dog is well on his way to recovery you will be able to move his program down to a maintenance level which entails reducing the frequency of doses of Canine Heart Tonic, Hawthorne as well as the amount of Dog Greens and Carnitine + Taurine given at each serving. Each case is individual and recovery times vary from dog to dog. Some have regained their health in as little as 3-4 months, while others have taken longer. Work with your Veterinarian to monitor your dog’s improvement.

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If you're anything like me, your "pet" is your best friend, a member of the family, and the light of your life. So watching your pet get older is anything but easy.... My world kinda stood still when the Vet told me after a recent check-up that she had an enlarged left ventricle in her heart and thus was in the beginning stages of heart failure. Heart failure? My Abbey? No... Abbey's heart was x-rayed again, and the Vet said, "I am not trained in holistic medicines. I am a medical Doctor, but whatever you are doing, if it's not bothering Abbey or making her sick, don't stop doing it." Abbey's enlargement had shrunk! And in Dr. Goté's own words, "significantly". It had shrank to the point where it was not pressing on her breathing tube anymore (which is what causes the gagging and coughing). I was beyond happy. I was elated!... Try it. It works. You and your best bud won't be sorry! Many happy and healthy days to you all!!!*

*Results shared in reviews are not typical; your results may vary.

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Hi and welcome to Five Leaf Pet Botanicals. My name is Amanda Banting, I am a Herbalist and the founder of Five Leaf Pet Botanicals.

We have been helping dogs with kidney, heart and liver disease live happier, healthier, longer lives for over eight years. Please read my story below to get an idea of who we are and how we can help.

Fourteen years ago one of my seven dogs, Tom (he was 6 years old at the time and my eldest), was diagnosed with heart disease, he was given only 6 - 12 months to live. I was devastated. My dogs are my children, so I could not accept his prognosis. I was already practicing natural healing and was very knowledgeable in the power of herbs as medicine, but my education had focused on treating humans, not canines. I, like many other dog owners, thought dogs were dogs - they were fed kibble, brought for walks, given vaccines here and there and they would live into their teens, hopefully dying in their sleep.

Since all my dogs were still young and relatively healthy up until that point, I never had to think about treating them with herbs and natural healing. Since the Vets had given me no hope for Tom and actually told me flat out ''there is no cure for heart disease'' I felt I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands...